Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Taylor Gourmet Introduces New Menu Today


Taylor Gourmet rolls out their new menu today, and they want to make sure you will be around to celebrate with them. As an incentive, they are running a special deal through Sunday: Wednesday, Oct 23, through Sunday, Oct 27, every customer who orders a hoagie or a salad will receive a FREE "Taylor Your Meal" side salad: chickpea salad, kale side salad, pasta salad, or potato salad.

A few menu highlights:

1. Breakfast hoagies are back, and they are now available anytime Taylor is open. Pick one of these to satisfy you breakfast food craving:

Queen Lane: Spicy Italian Sausage, Eggs, Broccoli Rabe, Sweet Provolone.
Filbert Street: Bacon, Hot Capicola, Eggs, Arugula, American Cheese.

 2. All Taylor hoagies are now available as gluten free wraps.

3. They've got new salads (one of which is vegetarian):

Society Hill: Kale, Roasted Tomatoes, Walnuts, Parmesan, Honey Herb Vinaigrette.
Polumbo Square: Romaine Hearts, Genoa Salami, Capicola, Prosciutto, Cherry Tomatoes, Red Onions, Pepperoncini, Sharp Provolone, Creamy Parmesan Dressing.

4. New hoagies (one very tasty sounding vegan option):

Federal Street: Pepperoni, Dried Capicola, Hot Capicola, Genoa Salami, Roasted Tomato Vinaigrette, Basil, Fresh Mozzarella (TO).
Lehigh Avenue: Roasted Cauliflower, Spicy Red Pepper Dressing, White Bean Hummus & Arugula (Vegan).
Cottman Avenue: Choice of Italian Breaded or Grilled Chicken Cutlet, Pepperoni, Roasted Red Peppers, Basil, Fresh Mozzarella.
Pine Valley: (Club Hoagie / Triple Decker): Roasted Turkey, Pesto, Bacon, Cherry Pepper Mayonnaise, Parmesan (LT).


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