Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Vintage Furnishings Shop Foundry is Moving to H Street

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We're getting a huge vintage home furnishings store called the Foundry. Their new space is 4,000 square feet total, and 1,500 of that is devoted to retail. They are  currently located on U Street, but should open up around November 15th. The new space (819 11th Street NE)  is actually just off H Street in the Atlas Court Alley. No clue where that is? I doubt you're alone. It's one block, and it only got its name recently.


A reader wrote in to tell me that he actually lives at 819 11th Street, and has no intention to move. Looks like a bit of a press release snafu. So, the Foundry is relocating to a carriage house somewhere on Atlas Court, but I'm not entirely sure of the address, just that it is NOT 819 11th St.

Aside from vintage furniture, they will also sell vintage clothing (Foundry Threads). The owner says the move just makes sense with all the new apartment and condo development coming to the area. I have to agree based on the sheer number of residential projects planned for H Street and Florida Avenue.

I've no doubt this will be a popular addition to the neighborhood. I have yet to visit Foundry, but in the press release the owner "describes Foundry as the quintessential Parisian flea market."


Anonymous said...

Atlas Court, eh? Interesting. Is this going to be something like Cady's Alley in Georgetown?

grr said...

terrible news


Alan Page said...

Yay for more retail! Hopefully the first of many...

Hope they will get business...there seem to be at least one other business in Atlas Court (which I used to just call "the alley across 12th from Wylie LOL). Hope folks can find the location easily enough. Always good to see a new business in the area thrive...

Tom A. said...

Great news! They'll just say they are in the alley behind the atlas theater. It's not hard to find at all. There are several cool homes back there.

inked said...

While there are several cool places behind the Atlas, this isn't one of them. I've got the alley location correct. It's just an issue of the exact address.

Alan Page said...


The alley beside the Atlas is Linden Court, I believe.

Anonymous said...

This is a somewhat odd location since the "Atlas Court" is surrounded by the backyards of houses. There isn't really any parking let along a place to turn around. The one parking area there is back there is used for Hertz's zip car competitor. There are a couple of warehouses/carriage Houses back there.

tubbs said...

christ. With all the extra foot traffic, I'm going to have to black out the cellar windows and check in to sound proofing. I now feel the sting of gentrification.

Anonymous said... can 15,000 square feet be devoted it the ente place is only 4000 square feet.

Also, there is an address mistake.

Also typo in the first paragraph of the update. Missing word "house" after "carriage".

inked said...

1,5000 was obviously a typo. The address mistake wasn't mine. It was in the press release, and it seems like they are in the process of getting the address for the carriage house changed.

Tom A. said...

I thought Linden Court was getting a name change, since the alley behind the atlas cold easily be confused with Linden Place a block away.

It's also unclear if the east/west street and north/south street are all part of the same court, since that would make no sense. one of them needs a different name.