Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A Reader Reminds Us to Stay Safe as the Holidays Approach

Try to stick to well lit areas when possible

A reader wrote in to share his unfortunate experience of being mugged. It is getting dark earlier, so it's even more important than normal to be aware of your surroundings. Stay safe out there guys.

I live near 18th and Benning and was attacked by two young guys on Thursday night. They were after my briefcase and its contents (iPhone, gloves, sunglasses - standard things). A local boy returned my cards (ID, credit/debit, etc) the following day, and no one attempted to use my cards to withdraw money or to purchase anything. 

To date, the phone has not been used either. 

The assailants were both around 20 years old and they ran up behind me, eventually physically attacking me. 

Just thought you could share this tidbit of information with the locals, please encourage folks to be more vigilant.


Holly said...
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Holly said...

Did this actually happen AT the BP station?? Or is the photo just for affect?

inked said...

I just needed a dark street photo.

Holly said...

Thanks for letting me know, I had an ulterior motive...

Anonymous said...

This can be a rough intersection in an otherwise pretty safe neighborhood. Last year I had a group of drunk kids start pawing through my pockets on the X2 as we approached this stop. I pushed one of them down and hopped off the bus. They didn't get off there but that's because there was (thank god) a police cruiser across the street.

inked said...

The reader just told me he was mugged on 18th, north of Benning.

pat said...

Sounds like he was in Carver -Langston.

That area is still rough, it's going to be one of the last holdouts in the area for crime along with the pentacle apartments.

It will change, but the trolley has to get going
and people will need to get more police
coverage. Right now the police are trying to
crack down on crime on Benning.

Anonymous said...

Here's something to be aware of, very possibly coming to a neighborhood near you:


wylie coyote said...

"A local boy returned my cards (ID, credit/debit, etc) the following day"

Give that child a reward for his honesty. He probably found the cards discarded when the thieves went through your wallet and sought out their rightful owner, a commendable act.

Anonymous said...

^I agree, Wylie, that was a high point in an otherwise disheartening story. Sounds like it was easy to track down the owner with the ID (one would assume his address was on it), but very nice that he scooped everything up and returned it. Not having to go to the DMV for a new ID would warrant a reward. :)