Friday, November 15, 2013

Bodega Market is Now Open at Montello & Florida


You now have a new shopping option if you live in the vicinity of Montello and Florida. They've only been open three days, but Bodega Market is already pretty well stocked. They have all the usual corner store offerings. I was especially happy to see that they sell eggs, milk, bread (those three frequently send me running to 1101 Mart), butter, salsa, tortilla chips, and two kinds of coconut water. Another plus is the hours. They are open 10am-12am seven days a week. The owner, Sam, was quite friendly. He told me that he plans to stock beer and wine, but doesn't have it yet. Also notable: a microwave (for frozen foods he plans to sell in the future), and a small coffee center that he hopes to set up soon. The space is clean, and well lit. There is a security door, but I think it only locks so that you need to be buzzed in, but can freely walk out. That door was installed by the previous owner. Sorry for the cell phone pics, I didn't have my camera handy.
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Anonymous said...

Why would you need a security door? Unless it's *scary*?

Anonymous said...

Fresh produce would be a great addition to the current stock of goods….

inked said...

You can talk to the owner, but remember that Darby's quit selling produce because no one would buy it.

Tracey said...

The security door is so that people don't kick down the nice white door and take things. Is that really confusing?