Monday, November 18, 2013

Found: One Kid's Bike

photo (1)

A reader writes in regarding a child's bike he suspects might be missed.

We found a kids bike in the alley this evening. Found around 7:45pm in the alley between I and K streets in the 600 block.

 It's in very good condition. We took it in and we are keeping it locked up.

If you could post this we would appreciate it.

Contact info: mjparker71[at]


Anonymous said...

It looks delicious.

Ann said...

Maybe put up a flyer in the alley where you found it? It may have been stolen and dropped, or it might have just been left out by the owner being a kid and irresponsible.

Anonymous said...

I recognize the red bike behind it in the photo - it was stolen from my 6 year old son at stickpoint in the park across from my house. Please advise when i can come pick THAT one up.

Anonymous said...

Why did you steal that kids bike?