Friday, November 15, 2013

Found: Small Black Chihuahua(?) mix

A reader writes in regarding a found dog:

Hi, I was hoping you could post these pictures of a missing dog I found this morning around 10AM near my house on Capitol Hill at 10th and D NE. A neighbor walking her dog found the dog running around the streets and we put her in my backyard for now so that she wouldn't be running wild. She's a small black Chihuahua looking mix.
Email if you recognize this dog.



Anonymous said...

Another neighbor found her not long after she escaped from us on Friday and is giving her shelter. Please let us know if you recognize this dog!

Anonymous said...

He looks delicious.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your help! She's back with her owner now.

Anonymous said...

This breed isn't all that delicious, they tend to be somewhat gamey, and with the wings and cat turds they often gobble up whenever you're walking them and not paying attention, it makes the meat somewhat off.