Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Daily Rider Damaged Last Night

Daily Rider front window damage
Photo provided by @TheDailyRiderDC

H Street bicycle shop The Daily Rider (1108 H St NE) saw its front glass door damaged in a series of unfortunate events that began when a vehicular accident that occurred on the 1100 block of H Street late last night.

Update: Follow up reporting from Inked implies that the damage to The Daily Rider's glass door was caused during an attempt to repair the damaged gas line in front of Newsom, which was struck during the incident. The Daily Rider Twitter page confirms this account of damage being caused by DCFEMS attempting to repair the gas line.

Video of the vehicle that allegedly ran headlong into the gas line next door to The Daily Rider is included after the jump (although there is no video footage of the vehicle actually striking anything, just the aftermath). Video of someone (likely the driver) being arrested can also be seen in the video.

(Video shot by Christopher Schuler)

A photo shot by Media Mike DC shows the vehicle at the center of this entire mess crashed into the front of Newsom (where the gas line was damaged).

Update 2: An eagle-eyed anonymous commenter spotted that the vehicle has not moved as much as I initially thought between the time Media Mike's photo was taken and the video was shot. On closer inspection, it looks like the vehicle merely reversed a bit after striking the wall, perhaps in some ill-fated attempt to flee the scene? In any case, the driver is clearly in custody now.

When tweeted for a comment, @thedailyriderdc responded in rather zenlike fashion by writing "Makes for an interesting day. #smallbusiness"

No official requests for donations to help fix the window have come in yet, but please stop in and patronize the shop to help them pay off the cost for repairing the damage. They have very reasonable bike repair prices and plenty of great bike accessories that would make good holiday gifts for the cyclist in your life.

Thanks to the anonymous commenter who posted in response to this entry for spotting the tweet from The Daily Rider's Twitter account regarding the source of the damage to their front door!


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Anonymous said...

Inked, are you sure the vehicle ends up in two different places? The still shot appears to be right in front of Newsom, under the lamp post, with Daily Rider just in front. The video shows the vehicle under the same lamp post, with a bike in the window of the shop right in front of where the vehicle stopped. It appears to me to be the same car in the same location.

inked said...

This is actually Alan's post, so I'm going to let him respond.

Alan Page said...

Right you are, Anonymous!

I took a closer look at the video and you are correct, it appears to be in the sam eplace (although it looks like the vehicle backed up a bit). The camera angle was a bit disorienting for me. My apologies! I'll edit the post above.

Anonymous said...

I hit a bicyclist with my car the other day. Because he failed to stop at the stop sign, I called the police and he was ticketed. I want to thank the other driver who stuck around and acted as a witness when the bicyclist tried to lie about what had actually happened.