Friday, December 06, 2013

Krampusnacht Revisited

Krampus is a mythical beast-like creature who annually descends upon the towns of alpine countries, and for the past two years, upon H Street. Here he seeks out ill-behaved children he might spirit away to serve as his dinner later. He can be readily identified by his horns, hairy body, & goat-like appearance. He sometimes adorns himself with cowbells, or chains, so prick up your ears if you have cause to avoid him.

At the start of tonight's festivities there was even a fire show. A procession of Krampus & his minions headed down H Street before adjourning to the after-party at Little Miss Whiskey's. DSC_0570
The search for naughty children began outside Gallery OonH.

DSC_0576 - Version 2
All manner of beasties could be seen prowling about.

They peered in windows, & opened doors.

Some were short. Some were tall, but all sniffed the air for even the slightest whiff of errant boys & girls.

DSC_0599 - Version 2
They searched high & low for dinner.

It wasn't the mussels from Granville's these devils sought.

Members of the procession called out particular patrons of the Pug by name, certain they would make good dinner prospects.

Krampus even reminded yours truly to behave.

Mere mortals walked amongst the procession, seeming unaware of the threat.

Having caught the scent of ill goings on, Krampus sniffed out patrons of a local Asian restaurant.

Krampus figured that there had to be some miscreants at Sticky Rice.

The procession would have been incomplete without a little music.

DSC_0629 - Version 2
Is a musical St. Nick/Krampus combo a sight of hope?

Indeed it was. For soon came old St. Nick to promise that all good boys & girls would be safe.

Behave yourself in the coming year lest yours become another skull in the basket of Krampus.

You can see my full set of Krampusnacht photos here. I missed last year's event, but I'm told the turnout was much larger this time around. I think we have a new H Street tradition. Did I mention this event raised funds, & collected toys, for Santa's Cause DC? Santa's Cause DC is a charity that helps ensure that foster kids in our area get gifts for the holidays, & on their birthdays.


Anonymous said...

Love this.

inked said...

It was a very fun event. The gathered crowd seemed quite excited about it. Lots of people snapping photos.