Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Shooting in 1500 Block of Queen Street [UPDATED]

A reader tweeted this photo of the scene following a shooting near the BP Station at 1201 Bladensburg Road. Here's the MPD alert:

vice 4 CONFIRMED A shooting/2120hrs/1200 Block Bladensburg Rd, NE/ no lookout DO NOT TAKE ACTION CALL 911 W/EVENT I20130649672

Sent on: 12/18 21:40

This is in the Carver Terrace  Trinidad area.

Early reports placed this shooting on Bladensburg Road, but it appears that it actually happened in the 1500 block of Queen Street. It seems at least one of the victims ended up at the BP Station at 1201 Bladensburg Road.


Statement from MPD:

The Metropolitan Police Department's Fifth Police District requests your assistance in providing information concerning a shooting that occurred last evening, Wednesday, December 18,2013, at approximately 9:32 PM in the 1500 block of Queen Street, NE, in our Trinidad Community.

While on 16th Street, NE, a group of three men were congregating when gunshots rang out from the North Alley of the 1500 block of Queen Street, NE and two of those three adult males realized that they had been shot.  Calls were placed into 9-1-1 and Fifth Police District Units responded to assist and begin the preliminary investigation into this criminal act.

Both victims were transported to local area hospitals for treatment of their wounds.

We have worked extremely hard this year in reducing crime and the fear of crime in Trinidad.  You have stepped up and supported us every step of the way and our collective efforts have made a positive difference.  But, as last night reminded us of, we still have work to do.  We will not let the reckless and dangerous acts of a very few endanger this community as a whole.

Based upon this event, we are committed to increasing our visibility and bringing forth stability and pro active strategies to reduce, with a goal of eliminating, the criminal element within our community.

We ask that you help us to help you.  Continue to be our eyes and ears on this criminal matter and any other matters that erode the safety and security we have built together.  If you see something, say something.  Call 9-1-1 with anything and everything you feel we need to know, need to intervene on, no matter how small or inconsequential it may seem.

We feel strongly that with your assistance we can close this shooting.  Be an active listener, ask questions and seek out information that can bring these criminals to justice.


mj said...

Not sure if it's related, but there was also a shooting on 16th between Levis and Meigs at around 9:30.

AACina said...

Not sure what the whole story was last night, but a couple of neighbors stated that the injured man at the BP had been running from gunfire. I didn't personally hear shots, but neighbors said they heard a flurry of them.

heyktb said...

"a group of men were congregating..."
it seems that criminal behavior often begins with this scenario.
I am in favor of re-establishing
anti loitering laws in DC. I know the naysayers will cite civil liberties rights, and I get that, but stopping to chat with a few neighbors for a bit is far different from hanging out on the corner for hours on end talking trash and drinking from a bag. I am tired of dealing with the endless groups that just hang out...the string of mf's that serve as punctuation...the trash left behind...the unsolicited and often misogynist comments made as women pass.
if these laws encourage "a group of men" to NOT congregate on our street corners, I am all for them.

Anonymous said...

^ Totally agree with all your sentiments. As a woman who lived in Carver/Langston for two years, those "groups of men" were the bane of my existence. I actually ended up driving everywhere because I was so sick of being harassed multiple times a day when I was just trying to go to the grocery store or wherever.