Friday, December 06, 2013

Street Lights

H Street in 2005


Anonymous said...

I am truly baffled by the space between the new street lights -- they seem to be 10 feet apart, even less in some places. I scoured municipal code and found no relevant language. Wonder if this is a way to inflate the invoice (a chronic city problem)?

We also don't cap our streetlights, which is absurd. No need to illuminate the 5-10 feet above the light!

Just a Sunday rant on a subject other than gentrification, racism, or hipsters.

Anonymous said...

They are holding up the streetcar wires, stupid.

Anonymous said...

"They are holding up the streetcar wires, stupid."

Way to showcase your intellectual prowess!

I was making a general statement about the closeness, not specific to H Street. If you look at K Street down by CityVista, the lights appear to be spaced 15' apart. Enough light for a football stadium.

Anonymous said...

The streetcar is intended to continue west into the city...i haven't pulled up a map of the proposed routes, but the same reason that applies on H Street (regarding the streetcar) may very well apply elsewhere in the city. I will avoid showing the lack of class 5:19 did by throwing insults, however.

Anonymous said...

In theory the other parts of the street car system within the L'Enfant plan will not be allowed to have overhead wires.

It seems that the largest density of street lights is in commercial areas. It could be to help prevent crimes, or at least make people feel safer.