Monday, January 06, 2014

Become a Trinidad Neighborhood Association Member & Consider Joining the Board of Directors


The Trinidad Neighborhood Association ("TNA") is recruiting members, & applicants for the Board of Directors. Here's a note from TNA explaining why you should join:

That's right—we can't do this without you and the support of the community! At our January meeting, on Tuesday, January 28, 2014, TNA will hold an election for a new Board of Directors. To vote, and/or to be eligible for the Board, you simply need to be a current TNA member, and that's just $5 per year.

The Trinidad Neighborhood Association is governed by a Board of Directors. The Board of Directors is elected among the membership. Any member in good standing may be nominated and, if elected, serve as a member of the Board of Directors for a term of one year. You can read a copy of our current bylaws, revised and adopted on February 20, 2013.

Members of the Board of Directors are responsible for the general governance of TNA. Additionally, Board members serve an advisory function toward the aim of developing a long-range strategic plan as well as annual goals and targets for TNA. Some board members may serve as Officers. Officers of TNA are elected among the members Board of Directors.

So be sure to become a member and attend our upcoming meeting—we've got some great ideas in store for 2014!


Anonymous said...

Is this just some club for NIMBYs who want control over other people lives and property in the neighborhood? What is the purpose of this?

Anonymous said...

Address please.....

inked said...

No, it's a way to address neighborhood issues, meet neighbors, & facilitate dialogue between neighbors & business people/developers.

Here's their mission statement:
Trinidad Neighborhood Association is a community-based, volunteer-driven organization dedicated to enhancing the quality of life in Washington, DC’s Trinidad neighborhood. Founded in 2009, TNA works to identify and address community concerns, and to promote opportunities for economic development by engaging community stakeholders.

What We Do

In order to improve the lives of all Trinidad neighbors, TNA hosts and sponsors discussions and activities aimed at:

· Building community;
· Promoting harmony among all cultural, racial, and economic groups;
· Maintaining cleaner streets, sidewalks, and alleys;
· Improving utilization of public and private properties within the neighborhood;
· Reducing neighborhood crime and increasing individuals’ sense of security; and
· Helping neighbors represent their interests in front of DC government agencies.

Meeting locations rotate between Joe Cole, & Trinidad Rec. I believe the next mtg is at Trinidad Rec.

7pm January 28th. 1310 Childress St NE.