Thursday, January 09, 2014

Catch Saturday Night Bocce Fever at Vendetta


Saturday nights 10pm-closing you can join a very unusual scene at Vendetta (1212 H Street). Think day-glow bocce, Rob Roys, Harvey Wallbangers, & enough 1970s funk & disco to have you feeling pretty groovy.


Anonymous said...

sigh....I miss the Red Palace.

Anonymous said...

Great, you can rent a place and reopen it.

Anonymous said...

No need to get snarky. With the right management in place there's no reason a place with live music and a bunch of bar space can't keep itself above water (see Black Cat, DC9, Rock & Roll Hotel.)

There's certainly more of a need for that than another overly-precious theme bar serving mediocre "spaghetti & sauce" next to indoor bocce courts.