Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Do You Know This Cat?


Someone forwarded me this email about a recently found Cat on Capitol Hill. Do you know her?

Hi! I live [on] 14th Place and have been feeding/offering shelter to a very sweet and friendly cat on my porch. Based on her* behavior (you can pick her up without a problem) she was clearly someone's pet at one time. She now seems to spend the majority of her time in the box we have set up for her. Unfortunately we can't have a pet due to a roommate's allergy but we want to find her a home! Does anyone have any suggestions on how to find her a home? In the event I can't find her a home I will take her to a shelter but want to make sure it is a no-kill shelter. 


*we refer to this cat as a her, but in actuality we don't know if the cat is male or female. 

Contact the poster at ashley.lariccia[at]gmail.com



Catherine said...

16I wish I could help, but if they are looking for a no kill shelter: King Street Cats in Alexandria is no kill.

Catherine said...
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Anonymous said...

umm, just lift up its tail, and voila!, a mystery will be revealed. It's not like you have to palpate it like a baby chick to find out or anything.

alizadk said...

Take her to Atlas Vet to see if she's been chipped. Also, Washington Humane Society is a no-kill shelter. I'd offer to take her in, but that's how I ended up with my third cat (and I've since added a dog).

Anonymous said...

Contact the shelter and get a pic of her* on the "found pets" page, at least.

And, um, boy cats have penises, even if they're neutered. If you can pick it up, you can check it out.

pat said...

It's a lot easier to get a new roommate then
to get a good lovecat. Maybe you should tell the roommate to start taking benadryl.

michele said...

Definately go to a vet to see if the cat has been chipped. That should be free. If you can't find an owner, Howl to the chief on barrack's row hosts a charity on Sundays that rescues cats from shelters and fosters them as they try to place the cats in loving permanent homes. Contact them and skip the shelter.