Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Lost Cat Out in the Cold [UPDATED]

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A reader writes in about Mouse the house cat who escaped early this morning, & is outside on this very cold day.

"[M]y neighbors indoor cat got out last night around 1am and has been missing since. Her name is Mouse and she's very sweet but might get cold very quickly as the temps drop today! We live at 7th and Maryland NE and here is Sam's contact info if you hear of anyone seeing her. She is pretty thin but not too short. samsaka[at]outlook.com"


Mouse found her way home safe.


Anonymous said...

I'll forgo expounding upon my negative and visceral reaction regarding the decision-making process that must adhere to naming a cat "Mouse," and just say, don't worry. The cat will be just fine, as far as the weather goes. They have an uncanny ability to survive weather conditions such as this, especially in the short term. Good for you for looking out for your neighbor's cat, though.

pat said...


Cats will sometimes shelter in the wheelwells
of cars or under the hood. If you are starting your car on a cold morning, please if there are nearby outdoor cats, bang the hood of the car loudly or a quick beep of the horn. That will usually cause them to
jump out before you start up.

It's a little precautrion for our furry friends.