Monday, January 27, 2014

State of the Union Watch Party at Star & Shamrock


The Star & Shamrock is hosting a State of the Union watch party. Details below:

A glass of Guinness is the perfect chaser to the O'bama State of the Union Tuesday, so please join us for a watch party at Star & Shamrock.

State of the Union Watch Party
Tuesday, Jan. 28
Star & Shamrock
1341 H St
(202) 388-3833

No cover charge or sign-in forms, just "politics & pints & pastrami." (I actually shared this tagline with WaPo's Chris Cillizza, who leads regular Politics & Pints trivia nights. He thought my appropriation was cute, so I think I'm borrowing with permission).

There are no formalities and the night proceeds like a normal pub scene until the 9 pm speech, at which time the music goes off, the TV volume goes on and we watch.

Guinness USA will be in the house from 6 to 9 pm offering silk screened t-shirts.


Anonymous said...

Chris Cillizza is the worst thing that ever happened to political journalism.

Anonymous said...

@ 1000 Anonymous, I was just going to write that and saw you beat me to it. You'd be hard pressed to find someone with more meaningless commentary, both written and verbal.

Anonymous said...

I'll be going to a bar that DOESN'T have a tv.