Tuesday, February 04, 2014

PoPville: Mike's Thrift Store to Close When Building Leases


PoPville reports that the building housing Mike's Thrift Store (1425 H Street) is for lease, and the shop will close when the building is leased. For those who have never shopped there, Mike's offers a variety of clothing & goods. At one point they sold nearly ever item for a dollar (buy a pair of shoes for $2). I've actually made some cool finds at Mike's. I am not entirely sure if they are still there (I haven't visited in a while), but there were actually multiple other small shops upstairs.

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Tom said...

This is sad news. First we lost the Salvation Army. Now this? I have been on H for a couple years now and found a good priced apt. But honestly, this place is going to the overpaid federal worker types. Us regular folks cannot afford $8 beers, $12 burgers, and $2000 studios. I am actually, sadly, moving to NY soon, so I am excited to have an opportunity to find an authentic neighborhood that still has thrift stores and isn't overrun with luxury condos. we shall see.