Friday, March 14, 2014

Bus Info for Tomorrow's Marathon

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I wanted to make sure people have detailed bus info for local routes, and where the buses will run during tomorrow's Rock & Roll Marathon. The changes will apply as long as roads are closed (roughly 7am-2pm, at the very latest). Full closure info on the marathon's website. Pedestrians will still be able to cross the street, but it is best to do it during gaps between groups of runners.

X2 Benning Road-H Street (until N Capitol Street reopens):
-Operates between Minnesota Avenue and NoMa-Gallaudet Metrorail stations
-Operates between Lafayette Square and North Capitol & H Street

D4 Ivy City-Franklin Square:
-Operates between Ivy City and NoMa-Gallaudet Metrorail station

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90, 92 U Street-Garfield (until E Capitol Street and N Capitol Street reopens):
-Operates between 3rd & P Street NW and U Street-Cardozo Metrorail station
-Operates between 6th & C Street NE and NoMa-Gallaudet Metrorail station
-Operates between Anacostia & Eastern Market Metrorail stations

B2 Bladensburg Road-Anacostia (until E Capitol Street reopens):
-Operates between Mount Rainer, 15th & Benning Road NE and Potomac Avenue Metrorail station
-Operates between Mount Rainier & Potomac Avenue Metrorail station
Detour map

X8 Maryland Avenue (until N Capitol Street reopens):
-Operates between Carver Terrace & NoMa-Gallaudet Metrorail station


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Thank you so much for posting this.

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...said the two FroTro readers that actually take the bus.

Now, where'd I park my Audi?

Le poo said...

Howlers! I hope it's not that new looking Audi that was parked a few blocks from that church near h street. Just went by and the window was smashed out, and the passenger side door was slightly ajar. Ugh.