Sunday, March 02, 2014

Details on Ocopa (that Peruvian Restaurant Coming to H Street)

Ceviche! by pviojo
Ceviche!, a photo by pviojo on Flickr
We've discussed this place before, but not in quite a while. Early on, the idea seemed to be a fast casual pollo brasa & burrito spot. It looked like it would be another Chicken Tortilla like the one over by Eastern Market. Along the way something changed.

If you happened to catch the restaurant's booth at last year's H Street Festival, you probably noticed that what we are actually getting is something a bit removed from the original concept. I was lucky enough to chat briefly with a representative from the restaurant, and to sample their scallop ceviche (highly recommended) that day. More recently, Jessica Sidman of the Washington City Paper, checked in with them and got the full scoop on exactly what we're getting in Ocopa (1324 H Street). Spoiler: it involves Peruvian chicken, ceviches, some other very interesting sounding food, Peruvian cocktails, and plenty of Peruvian beers.

I am very excited about this place, and I have to say I've long thought a spot like this would do well. Sometimes you really do get what you wish for.

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