Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Vigilante Coffee Delivery Van Stolen (With Coffee & Equipment).

A Farewell to the Minivan by The Consortium
The stolen van looks like the one above, but is more of a burgundy pearl/purple.

From I received an email alerting me to the theft of Viligante Coffee's delivery van & equipment:
My name is Chris Vigilante and I am the owner/roaster for Vigilante Coffee. Earlier today, our delivery van was stolen right outside of my house on 15th st NE. We had about 7-10k worth of raw green coffee inventory and equipment inside.

Yikes! Vigilante Coffee is a small DC company. You can find their coffee at select locations in, and around DC. On H Street, the following places serve it:
The Argonaut
The Big Board
Granville Moore's
Red Rocks Pizzeria
The Queen Vic

They will roast & serve their own coffee at Maketto once it opens.

Chris has asked me to help spread the word in the hopes that someone has information about the theft/van.


Anonymous said...

that's unfortunate. i hope the owner called the police. posting about a lost dog may help find it, but posting about a lost car is quite a different matter

Anonymous said...

It looks delicious.

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't Big board get it's coffee from Sidamo, which is also a family run business, and located right next door.

Anonymous said...

Was the van locked?

Anonymous said...

Whether or not the van was locked, if someone was trying the doors to see if it was open, that someone was already planning to steal it.

Anonymous said...

i doubt people who steal purple minivans know how to make coffee out of coffee beans

jine said...

Hoping somebody will find the car.

Anonymous said...

If someone sees the stolen van, should they take matters into their own hands?