Monday, April 28, 2014

H Street Block Party & BBQ Cookoff


The Table Church and our neighbors on 11th Street invite you to a Block Party and BBQ Cookoff for the whole community including – Music, Photobooth. Job Preparation Assistance. Dance-off. Kids Activities. BBQ Cookoff. Bakeoff. And much, much more!

Join us on Saturday, May 3 on 11th between H & I St NE from 1-4pm for this fun, free event!

We’re also looking for a few good cooks to serve up their finest culinary creations, and all registered contestants will be eligible for over $900 in prizes for best BBQ, sides, and sweets from your favorite H Street restaurants and vendors. Chef Timothy dean, former top chef contestant, and owner of TD Burger on 4th and I street NE will be our guest judge. If you want to be entered as a contestant in the BBQ Cookoff or Bakeoff and a chance to win great prices, register online.

Thank you to our neighborhood businesses for providing the prizes!

- Metro Mutts
- Liberty Tree
- Le Grenier
- Port City Brewery
- Taylor Gourmet
- Smith Commons
- Vendetta
- H Street Coffeehouse
- The Argonaut
- Bardo
- Washington Nationals


Anonymous said...

I am interested in attending a block party, but I am not interested in having anyone talk to me about Jesus (a person who may or may not have existed). This isn't some kind of evangelical event is it?

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm working with the team that's helping put this event on! I promise, nobody will try to evangelize. It's a group neighbors, a non-profit and the church trying to do something that will bring the whole community together. That's it.

Anonymous said...

I so wanted to smoke some ribs for this event. But alas I have a big party BBQ coming up the next weekend, so I can't convince the wife I need to spend all day two weekends in a row cooking meat and reeking of hickory smoke...

Still looks fun, may check it out.