Monday, April 28, 2014

Restaurant Recovery's Midday Monday Meetings at the Argonaut

Press release:

Starting Monday May 12th, Restaurant Recovery will be launching Midday Monday Meetings
for both restaurant professionals (who are struggling with drug and/or alcohol dependency issues and those who are in recovery) as well as a meeting for families and friends (who have a loved one working in the industry struggling with these same issues). These are closed meetings for either restaurant professionals or the friends/families of restaurant professionals. Given the unique working environment in a restaurant, these meetings may appeal to restaurant professionals who have a desire to stay sober while maintaining a career and a community in the restaurant industry.

Restaurant Recovery meetings will be "hybrid recovery", combining many of the same strategies and philosophies of other well-known groups, while not limiting ourselves to them, either. Members of other fellowships are welcome. We will openly share things that work for us, individually (meditation, exercise, nutrition, therapy) and are open to hearing other peoples' experiences. We are not counselors or therapists and we do not give advice.

We are asking for help getting the word out to other restaurant professionals and team members.
If you would like more information about these Midday Monday Meetings or Restaurant Recovery,  please contact Scott Magnuson at 202-460-7461 or

Thank you,

Scott Magnuson
Restaurant Recovery's Midday Monday Meeting (MMM)
Every Monday Starting May 12th 2014
Location: Argonaut DC (1433 H Street, NE WDC 20002)
Time: 2pm-315pm


Anonymous said...

Having the meeting at a bar seems like a good idea.

Anonymous said...

lol 10:16

Ann said...

That's the whole point. This is for people who spend their days and nights in a place with a bar.

Anonymous said...

is addiction a serious problem for restaurant employees?

i usually see employees drinking a drink or two after their shift, but never seen people hammered

scottmag said...

Alcohol and drugs are a huge issue in the industry. I was told when I went through treatment that I could no longer work in a bar, and would have to sell argo if I wanted to stay sober. I have been in recovery now for 1026 days, working in a bar.

Scott Magnuson
Recovering alcoholic & Drug addict
Owner of The Argonaut