Thursday, May 01, 2014

Celebrate the Kentucky Derby in Style at Little Miss Whiskey's

Photo courtesy of Little Miss Whiskey's Golden Dollar

DC's most delicious drag queen Kristina Kelly hosts the annual Kentucky Derby Costume Contest at Little Miss Whiskey's Golden Dollar (1104 H Street).

The fun starts Saturday May 3rd at 5pm. Kick it off with Bulleit Bourbon mint juleps, & BBQ on the back patio. Details & full menu (prepared by the Queen Vic's Ryan Gordon) after the jump.

oh yeah you stepped in this one, put on your space age jockey outfit 
or your uber-argyle-easter-pastels 
or your high tech pony costume (cuz you got one (we know bout you)) 
& ladies better show some HATS! HATS! HATS!
Kristina Kelly is judge, jury, & heckle-cutioner, she picks winners & wrecks losers 
so come fabulous or come fearful kiddies
Prizes include Billy Dee Williams Colt 45 bobblehead doll,
Pabst Blue Ribbon Lunchbox (w/ matching thermos!!!),
$50 Gift Certificate to THE QUEEN VIC,
GRAND PRIZE is your free reservation of our Christmas Lounge on any weekend night!!!
oh yeah and we're showing the Kentucky Derby too duh
Upstairs on the big screen, hi-def & all loud like proud
& no there's no stupid cover just dress up, show up, & get it on

Ryan Gordon has quite the menu planned. Choose one main, & one side.
* Bourbon Injected Whole Roast Pig
* Peach Bourbon Glazed Ribs
* House Made Sausage
* Slow Cooked Bourbon Pecan Brisket

All main selections come with a choice of one side:
* Pimento Mac & Cheese
* Jalapeno Cheesy Grits
* Pork Belly Potato Salad


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How do straight people feel about drag queens?

This place is messed up... said...
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