Wednesday, May 07, 2014

WBJ: Edens Goes Big (Again) at the Florida Ave Market


The Washington Business Journal reports that Edens, the developer behind Union Market and the Gateway project (the old US Beef parcel at 4th & Florida), has unveiled a new proposal to redevelop the Washington Cash & Carry space at 1270 4th Street. That's right across the street from Mexican Fruits. This thing is HUGE.

The vitals:
-520 residential units
-40,000 sqft of ground floor retail
-11 stories
-buried parking (maybe 500 spaces)


Anonymous said...

Fantastic news! I hope Edens gets approval from the ZC soon to move forward. This will be great for the area.

Anonymous said...

i think you meant to type 40,000 square feet of ground floor retail

inked said...

Yes 40,000. Thanks.

poo poo said...

whoa! pretty soon, you won't even recognize the market anymore!