Thursday, June 26, 2014

Checking Out H Street's New Organic Market


I was eager to stop by the recently opened H Street Organic Market (806 H Street), and it did not disappoint. They have a large selection of vegan and gluten/lactose free items (including meals in the frozen food section). They have a bulk dry goods section, and a baby section, as well as a selection of pet supplies. Prices seemed reasonable to me. They were cheap, but I don't really expect cheap prices at a small organic store. More photos after the jump.

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George is open to feedback on his new store


Anonymous said...

Sticky Fingers Bakery coming to H Street!!

Anonymous said...

Holy Dance Pants! That is the best news for the corridor I've heard this year! Sticky Fingers is almost the only thing I miss about living in Columbia Heights. Cupcaaaakes!

4th and G said...

Is it vegan day on Frozen Tropics? Two posts in a row are both bacon free!

Jesse said...

My son and I stopped in and got some popsicles. They were delicious and I'm glad they are open.

Also the kid loved the free samples of chips. we'll be back.

Anonymous said...

It will be nice not to have to drive to Yes in Brookland for speciality items.


Alan Page said...

My kid also loved the free samples.

I would also add that they have the friendliest staff I have encountered in a long time.

A welcome addition to the neighborhood!

Anonymous said...

We have stopped by twice and while packed items seem to be great, the produce selection could use some improvement. They were missing several key products such as tomatoes and kale, and the produce that was there seemed to be old. I know they are just starting and probably don’t have the traffic yet to have faster turnover, but I hope that changes in the near future. Bottom line, a great addition to the neighborhood. Just little things to fix as they gain more traction.

Anonymous said...

nice looking store. will have to check it out.

Hope it can survive with WF as a neighbor

Daniel said...

Big fan of the store. I was there the second day it was open and they didn't have falafel. I told the woman at the counter and she said they would get it. I went back a couple of days later and whoalla! Falafel mix on the shelf. As a vegan, I am so grateful this place has opened up within walking distance of my house. Clean store, good variety (and getting better!), super friendly staff. Couldn't be happier.

Marty said...

Didn't see this in the other thread and there doesn't seem to be website for this place yet. Their hours are:
M-Sat 9-10pm
9-9pm Sun