Wednesday, June 04, 2014

H Street Food Festival June 6-8th


Seven H Street restaurants will each feature different international food specials this weekend as part of the H Street Food Festival. For instance, Vendetta (1212 H Street) will offer steak frittes paired with a Boulevard beer.


Anonymous said...


No Impala? No Cusbah? No Shawfel, No Hikari? No Grenier? No Ethopia?

inked said...

We are lucky to have a great selection of international fare available here everyday. This is a smaller group of places that wanted to experiment with something they don't normally do.

Anonymous said...

can I use ketchup w/ steak frites?

Anonymous said...

ah yes, the exotic steak and french fries. when i travel abroad, i always try to search out places that actually serve this rare dish.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, the exotic frozen tropics sarcastic comment. Well done, sir.