Thursday, July 10, 2014

DC Scoop Returns July 19th

Dolcezza Gelato is among the vendors offering their wares at DC Scoop

The heat and humidity of summer in the District got you down? Look no further for a pick up than DC Scoop. The popular event's vendor line-up looks quite solid this time around. For the uninitiated (poor you), DC Scoop is a chance to sample some of the best ice cream, gelato, sorbet, ect., from the region (and it's FREE). This year it is also (at least partially) an indoor event held inside the Dock 5 space above Union Market (1309 5th Street). This is a change from past years when you queued up in front of tents set up in the parking lot in front of Union Market. In addition to the free samples, you can also buy ice cream, and various frozen novelties that might tickle your fancy. 1-4pm Saturday July 19th.

Here's who's coming to the party:

Carmen’s Italian Ice
Dolcezza Gelato
Dolci Gelato
Giffords Ice Cream
Ice Cream Jubilee
Milk Cult
Nice Cream
Shake Shack
Suga Mama Sweets
Trickling Springs
King of Pops
Little Baby’s Ice Cream


Anonymous said...

What are their offerings?

Anonymous said...

Looks like July 19th is a Saturday.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:47: Inked went to the trouble of creating a blog, tracking down info, and putting links to virtually every one of the vendors. You used a couple of mouse clicks and got informed of the event. You want more info? Expend some of your own effort, click on the inked-provided links, and contact the vendors yourself if you have such an insatiable craving for knowledge. Or get up off the couch, ask mommy for permission to go out for the day, and go to the event and find out for yourself.

inked said...

July 19th is indeed a Saturday. Apparently my counting skills leave something to be desired!