Monday, July 21, 2014

Stroll & Roll Down H Street

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 10.53.20 PM

Anwar Saleem of H Street Main Street flagged me down to hand me a poster and tell me about a pretty cool promotion designed to highlight H Street businesses and celebrate the streetcar that will (hopefully) soon roll down H Street. From 3-7pm Saturday July 26th, and August 23rd you'll be able to catch a free ride in a pedicab decorated in streetcar style. The pedicabs will travel a portion (near Union Station to Maryland Ave) of the streetcar's route down H Street. The idea is that you catch a ride, visit H Street businesses, and check out some of the cool local art that will be exhibited along the route. As Anwar put it "“The H Street Corridor has really undergone a dramatic transformation over the last decade and we’re excited the streetcar line will open soon, making travel to H Street NE even easier for District-area residents and tourists.”


Anonymous said...

This sounds like fun, but the street car project citywide is really a series of tracks to nowhere. I ride past the test station and the tracks to nowhere on Firth Sterling, and it seems like really the city is bleeding money on this project and getting a series of deadened tracks. I will be glad when it's done on H, but I swear when I've asked city folks about this project most kind of roll their eyes and say something nice. Some are candid and let out something that that equates to it’s dumb. There are people who try to justify the waste fraud and abuse that is this project as progress and better than busses. Well hope is better than BS, but neither pays the bills. At the price tag, I really should be able to ride from Firth Sterling to my home near H by now. I mean we've only been talking about this for a decade +. During that timeline the NYAve metro is open, Green line is finished, and silver line is half finished. Hmm, I think I'll be old before the street car system is done, and then it won’t matter about my journey from Firth Sterling because I'll be retired.

-Robby AKA Uncle T.

Anonymous said...

It's great Anwar has been handing out flyers for free pedicab rides, but can we get him to do the street cleanup work on Bladensburg Rd the city paid his "non-profit" $100k to do?

And now McDuffie wants to give him $200k for more of the same, in addition to whatever they're getting for H Street "work."