Tuesday, August 05, 2014

District Cuisine: IMM Thai Coming to H Street

1360 H Street (middle building) was most recently home to Pho Bar & Grille, but did you know it used to be an ice cream shop (photo from 2009)?

If you regularly walk down the 1300 block of H Street, chances are good that you have noticed the sign hanging in the window of 1360 H Street (formerly Pho Bar & Grille). It announces that Thai food is coming to the location soon, but otherwise provides no details. District Cuisine has come to the rescue. The local blog identifies IMM Thai as the future occupant of the space. IMM Thai has an open location in Annandale which has four stars on Yelp. There's a fair bit of info about it online, including this post from Tyler Cowen in which he intriguingly describes IMM Thai as "Not a yuppie Thai place and not quite a mom and pop, but rather"..."a Thai restaurant created for, among others, non-Thai Asians." Entrées on this online menu range in price from $10.95-18.95.


Anonymous said...

dreams are coming true

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to try it! I'm excited that someone is finally bringing Thai food to H.

Anonymous said...


Been waiting for a Thai place near me for the longest time. Hopefully they deliver.