Thursday, August 28, 2014

Old City Crossfit Gets A New Rolldown Door!

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Old City CrossFit (810 H St) just got a new rolldown door. Looks pretty cool! Do any Old City CrossFit members post here? What do you think of it?


Anonymous said...

Cross fit is dangerous. People seriously injure themselves and the certified trainer (16 hours of training) encourages them to push through it.

Michael said...

Crossfit is not dangerous, any more so than any other physical activity that carries a risk of injury due to poor form or negligence.

Speaking as an Old City member, the new roll door is nice! It looks better, and it can be left open for easy access to the sidewalk (and making the sidewalk more interesting for those walking by). I've noticed the old metal roll door is still being closed after hours. I'd like to see that removed at some point - along will all the metal roll doors on H Street.

Anonymous said...

What I really like about the crossfit bashing is that the bahsers seem to think their own self control and sense of well-being will be overmatched by some jamoke, whom they are paying $15 dollars per workout, encouraging them to lift more weight. Cuz injuring customers, who pay you 15+ dollars per workout, so they can no longer pay you money is a sound business plan

Ann said...

I'm a member, and it's pretty great. They're very accommodating of whatever your pace/level is (mine is low) and the coaches are pretty good at helping you get better at the movements without pushing you out of your comfort zone.

And maybe I just don't go enough, but I haven't yet fallen into "the first rule of crossfit is always talk about crossfit" territory.

Anonymous said...

Good for them. To the critics, would you rather have another crappy bar or a wig shop?

Anonymous said...

Old Cityzen here ... love the rolldown door, and it actually makes for a friendlier space. used to be before we'd exit to run a lap, we'd first look both ways lest we crash into a passerby. now there's a lot more visibility and passerbys' walking lanes don't hug the storefront space as much because the visual cue is there. however, the roll down door has displaced the dumbbells (no attempt at a joke here) and i'm not crazy about where they're (temporarily?) located now.