Friday, August 22, 2014

Pack Lunches for those in Need at Avery's Saturday Morning


This monthly event is held every third Saturday morning of the month at Avery's (1370 H Street). Volunteers & donors help pack lunches for the less fortunate. Lunches are then distributed to those who need them at five locations in the District.


Tom said...

Call me cynical, but wouldn't it be more helpful to give information on how to walk 4 blocks west to the social services center and sign up for food stamps? I mean, this is America, not some third world country. No one goes hungry due to poverty. Do people go hungry due to addiction or mental illness? Sure. But a sandwich every 3rd Saturday of the month ain't gonna help nobody except make privileged guilty people feel better about themselves.

Joe said...

I wouldn't call you cynical, I would call you uninformed.Read the Hunger in America 2014 report here Or read Washington Post's Pulitzer winning series on poverty/hunger by Eli Saslow. Here's just one entry:

Tom said...

Hey Joe,

Thanks for the links, but since I had already read Mr. Saslow's piece, I cannot be uninformed, per your comment. In fact, it helped form my current opinion which led to my initial post. You see, if Raphael Richmond didn't waste her money on eye lash extensions, a wig, and cigarettes, and if her 22 year old daughter was less concerned with looking fresh wearing her new sneakers and flat brimmed hat, they'd have enough money for food. I am sure people go hungry in America, but is not due to lack of access to food.

Dave B said...

You probably can't draw conlculsions from this and maybe these lunches are serving a different part of the population, but I offer to give panhandlers food or buy them food from a food truck when they ask me for money and maybe 25% of them take me up on the offer. I guess that is better than just going through the motions, taking me up on the offer and then throwing the food out

Anonymous said...

Neither Operation Hunger nor Over the Moon Nonprofit appears to be a legally registered non-profit organization. If the organization solicits donations and you can not find an IRS Form 990 online for the organization, it's at best operating illegally, and at worst, a scam.

If you want to help the homeless, there are many properly registered local organizations that would love your support and will provide a tax deduction as an added bonus.