Thursday, August 21, 2014

Mysterious Parakeet Still Touring NE, Last Spotted in Trinidad

Photo from the original Reddit post reporting a sighting of the parakeet

While the exotic white-eyed parakeet is native to the tropical island of Trinidad, a more familiar common parakeet (often known as the budgerigar) seems to have made its home in our District neighborhood of the same name. Gracing first Gallaudet and now Trinidad with its striking blue plumage, the little guy seems to be exploring NE. While "wild" parakeets are not unknown in the United States (Connecticut of all places has a large colony of green and yellow budgerigars), it seems likely our exotic visitor is an escaped pet and not part of feral flock. If you know of anyone who may have lost a pet parakeet in the past few weeks (he was first spotted August 4th), let them know about our this little guy (or girl). Otherwise, just keep your eyes open for the startling blue among the drab plumage of our more common avian friends. I do imagine he/she might be open to a new housing situation as the weather cools.

The tweet above shows the parakeet hanging out on 16th Street

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 9.52.05 PM


pat said...

Toby the cat will welcome his presence...

Anonymous said...

He seems to have survived a while despite his horrible camo

Anonymous said...

A colony of parakeets would be amazing. Such lovely birds, reminds me when I had a few. We were once considering an putting in an avery before we moved. I hope it finds a home before winter.

-Robby AKA Uncle T.

Anonymous said...

I saw him hanging out with a flock of sparrows at Holbrook and Oates in the morning on Friday the 22nd. They were all pecking at bread in the yard, then flew to a nearby tree before I could get a picture.

MiCoBa said...

Someone in Rosedale lost a parakeet a few months back.