Thursday, September 25, 2014

A Clockwork Orange Halloween at the Queen Vic


The Queen Vic (1206 H Street) sends word of a fun way to spend your post-trick or treating Halloween:

We will be showing the film from 9pm to 3am, with food and drink specials and of course Clockwork Orange costumes.

No cover, lots of fun and a little creepy (but definitely no ultra-violence).


Anonymous said...

Oh lovely. Good choice there Queen Vic of a violent rape flick. Just what I think of on children's holiday.

inked said...

I somehow doubt a lot of kids will be hanging out in a bar between 9pm and 3am, but I can think of plenty of adults who might venture out after the kids have gotten their candy.

Anonymous said...

Ha. What a nerd. It's a bar not a daycare you boring douche. Go back to the suburbs.