Thursday, October 16, 2014

Dumbcloud Vapor E-Cigarette Store & Vape Lounge Coming to H Street


With the rising popularity of e-cigarettes it was probably only a matter of time before H Street saw its own vape lounge where electronic cigarette aficionados can puff away in a friendly setting. That time has come, and Dumbcloud Vapor E-Cigarette Store & Vape Lounge is headed to 405 H Street (above Georgetown Valet). You can already buy many of Dumbcloud's products through their online store, so this should give us an idea of what to expect on offer once they get the brick and mortar location up and running. In addition to smoking accessories they also have a link (currently empty) for apparel, so we may see some clothing sales. They also have a Facebook page, but it doesn't contain much information at the moment. It does say that they "Provide customers with Electronic Smoking products with exceptional prices, express delivery, and great customer service."


poo poo said...

finally!! i've been dying to have a place nearby. over the last 6 years, i've mostly had to buy supplies online. i've probably spent $5k at least. now, it'll go locally. online is great, but it sucks because i actually have to plan purchases. NO LONGER! yippee!

Anonymous said...

Anyone know how they came up with that name? Just curious. I'm surprised all of these head/vape shops are on the West End.

curmudgeon said...

I want to find whoever originally coined the expression "vaping" and smack them.