Thursday, October 16, 2014

Kitty's Saloon Now Open on H Street


I recently stopped by the newly opened Kitty's Saloon (1208 H Street) to find out a bit about the place. They didn't have the kitchen open when I visited, but they are serving food now. They currently have six beers on tap (Shiner Bock $6, Atlas Rowdy $6, Abita Amber $6, Dogfishhead 90 Minute $7, Goose Island $7, and Allagash Curieux $12). All taps will rotate. They also have a selection of bottled beers ($3-9) and beers in cans ($3-6). Fans of craft cocktails can enjoy one of their house creations. I tried the refreshing Autumn for Rickey ($10), which consists of Green Hat Gin, fresh juice, and blackberry jam. The whisky/bourbon focused upstairs bar isn't open yet (give it a month), but they have a nice list of bourbon, whisky, rye, and scotch that you can enjoy downstairs.

The Autumn for Rickey

Kitty's has previously described their food as "contemporary redneck cuisine." Their menu reveals this in offerings such as house pickled egg and fried bologna sliders ($7) and bourbon braised bison shortribs ($19).

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They do not have a set kids menu, but can accommodate children (no highchairs).

The Washington Post has a write-up on Kitty's.


Anonymous said...

went there the other night. the catfish was delicious and my companions loved the ribs.

Anonymous said...

they had a burger with a cup of meat juice to dip it into, best burger ever

Ann said...

Is the burger really $7? That doesn't seem right given the rest of the prices.

3 said...

but they are calling it redneck cuisine and i am offended. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

Jesse said...

I love that you now put in the line about high chairs and kid's menus! You are the best.

Thank you.

inked said...

It's a question I always ask because I know people will ask me about it later.

V+ said...

those big plasma TVs undermine an otherwise cool, vintage aesthetic

Anonymous said...

A $12 beer?!? WTF, is this place for millionaires?

Fletch F. Fletch said...

Anon 2:26pm -- no, but that beer is.

Cheapskate said...

The $12 beer has 10% alcohol, so you are getting two beers in one.

Anonymous said...

Best hamburger in town hands down.

Anonymous said...

Have been 3 times already, best food on H St, possibly the best burger in the country, no $hit. How do you even get sausage in a chicken wing, amazing. OH and prices/service are great.