Thursday, October 16, 2014

Local Development Round Up

The future site of the Apollo

We've seen a ton of development related news in the recent days/weeks. Here are some things you won't want to miss:

There's a new mixed use project coming to M Street between 3rd and 4th. It would feature 401 residential units and as much as 12,900sqft of retail space, plus 175 buried parking spaces.
More details: Wilkes Co. pitches 400-unit NoMa mixed-use building (Washington Business Journal, 10/15/14).

Urban Turf runs down eleven(!) large residential developments headed to H Street and Trinidad.
The 1,076 Units Coming to the H Street Corridor (Urban Turf, 10/8/14)

The Washington Business Journal has an update on the Capitol Fringe purchase of the former CONNERSMITH Gallery (1358 Florida Ave). According to the article, Fringe hopes to be open as soon as November 30th of this year. They plan to add a bar and beer garden to go with their theater and rehearsal spaces.
Capital Fringe agrees to purchase new Florida Avenue home for $4.5 million (Washington Business Journal, 10/7/14)

The Washington Post has a nice story looking at the evolution of Union Market (1309 5th Street).
Two Years in, Union Market Thrives (Washington Post, 10/13/14).


dd said...

I wish we could fast forward to 2017. H street is going to be so different then.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree DD. Looking forward to it! Finally real change has come. Just wish the Rite Aid strip would come down.

Anonymous said...

Here here! I love it when a "plan" comes together.

pat said...

It would be nice to see some of this development work down Benning Rd.

k st ne said...

anonymous, what's wrong with the ride aid strip? people use those places...

Anonymous said...

"people use those places..." as a bathroom. True story.

Anonymous said...

I'll do anything for the Rite Aid strip to come down. H STREET CONNECTION, NOW!

Anonymous said...

+ 1,000,000 re H Street Connection. I don't know anyone who goes to the RiteAid and most of my neighbors don't even walk the part of H Street NE nearest us (nearest corner is 8th and H) - everyone avoids it because it feels unsafe, depressing and smells of urine. Whilst we all want to have amenities to use, there is no need for things to be run-down and disgusting. Come on Rappaport, please develop H Street Connection!!!