Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Kathy Henderson Issues Press Release Denouncing Fellow ANCs, Includes DC Flag

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Kathy Henderson Send Out Another Wacky Press Release

Above you'll find  a the press release (white space cropped for convenience) sent out by ANC 5D Chair Kathy Henderson. At first glance you might mistake this for an official District of Columbia letter because it does have that little DC flag that you see on government press releases and agency communications. But this is no official letter. This is merely Henderson railing against her fellow commissioners on ANC 5D. It starts off with a first paragraph that contains inaccuracies. Henderson suggests that newly elected Commissioner Adam Roberts (who was sworn in after other commissioners because he was out of the country during the initial ceremony) didn't prove he was eligible to act as a fully sworn-in ANC. That's not the case. Roberts was sworn in by Councilmember Kenyan McDuffie. During the meeting Roberts read a communication from Executive Director of the Office of Advisory Neighborhood Commissions Gottlieb Simon indicating that Roberts was eligible to both vote and hold office.

Henderson then goes on to supply quotes from two Trinidad residents that are as follows:

I am appalled by the way the new people are behaving.
It seems that a cabal has been formed by the new commissioners with the intention of taking over the leadership of ANC 5D.

Now I have to give the originator of that second quote points for use of the word "cabal," because I like that word and don't see it enough. But really this reminds me of a time several years ago when Henderson tried to submit bunch "electronic signatures" at an ABRA protest hearing but they were disallowed because they were just people's names she had typed in different fonts. Kind of like this but more the ones resembling handwriting.

She lobs in a few more insults at her fellow commissions and just generally makes it extremely clear that this is not an official government communication and really shouldn't have that flag on it. Here's a little something I found in some pre-breakfast Googling. They are talking about use of letterhead in letters of recommendation, but I think some of that would clearly apply here as well. Now, I'd wanted to make sure that people also pay attention to what I'm writing, but I don't want to confuse anyone into thinking this is something it's not. So I just added a thumbnail of my dog at the top. Cool?


Anonymous said...

Is it wrong that I really, really enjoy the disfunctionality of our ANC? I mean, there was that one time that one guy embezzled $30,000, but it's not like the ANC is gonna do anything substantive anyway. The developers are gonna develop, the ANC is gonna suck, at least ours sucks in an entertaining way.

I like that she references Roberts Rules of Order *twice*. Also enjoyed the swipe at KIPP. HOW DARE they rebuild there building so the students have nice facilities?! THOSE BASTARDS! (I say this as someone who lives only a few blocks away from the school and drives and walks thru the Holbrook/Mt. Olivet intersection regularly. The construction has never bothered me, and it is has been finished for nearly a year now. Get over it, Kathy-who-actually-lives-in-Carver-Langston-and-not-Trinidad-where-KIPP-is-located. Get over it.)

PS: What is with the objection to parks because they attract "homeless people"? Liquor stores attract winos, but I still like having liquor stores nearby. And I had two resident homeless people on my street for several years, no parks in evidence. Since there will be homeless people either way, I'd prefer parks to no parks.

chris said...

ANCs don't have to be dysfunctional. Some are useful and contribute to their areas and do good things. Others cause far more trouble than they're worth. It depends on the culture of the ANC.

Anonymous said...

She couldn't even spell Commissioner Shropshire's name correctly. Drop the "C".

5D really is an Advisory Neighborhood Comedy. Can't wait for the next stand up comedy display at the meeting next week!

Anonymous said...

Where did she post that "press release?"

God forbid her ever attaining real power.

Anonymous said...

People, especially 5D people:

OK cool, where were all Henderson's challengers in the last ANC race?

All y'all attend your ANC meetings, right?

You must be some of the dozen or so people I see at mine when I go....


Oh, then where y'all at?

Beers at Bardo? Nationals Game?

Naaah, prolly just on the couch lookin at Instagram.

Folk that can afford access to the Internet and the time it takes to armchair QB and complain on a blog can surely find a way to get to 5D HQ once in a while, even if it is outside the ANC.

(Maybe if more people showed up at 5D and/or expressed their displeasure, the powers that be would be forced to move the meetings).

If all you're gonna do is chime in on the antics (libel suit, campaign signs, etc), but have nothing to say about her many, many years of constituent service, then despite what you may think, you don't understand her or the community she represents. You're just putting your ignorance on display.

Anonymously though, so nice going on that one.

Above all else, her service to residents is what holds water in her SMD, and that's why she continues to get elected.

If even a small percentage of the energy devoted to blog vitrol was directed at community participation, all of us would be a lot better for it.

Don't just bitch, attend meetings. Meet your neighbors. Be an active participant in your community. And VOTE.

Anonymous said...

"You're just putting your ignorance on display.

Anonymously though, so nice going on that one."

said Anonymous, anonymously...

Anonymous said...

What is going on here and who is voting to keep this nut on the ANC? I don't get it. Is everyone in this district just stupid?

Anonymous said...

Kathy Henderson brings the flavor to ANC 5d! Holla!

Anonymous said...

Actually, criticizing Anon, getting to MPD 5D headquarters is a pretty decent challenge, if you don't have a car. When I had to go out there to print emergency no parking signs, basically my only choice was Uber (or Lyft, if that's your preferred service, I guess). Despite being fairly close as the crow flies, there are a lot of busy/dangerous streets surrounding it that would be a real challenge/hazard to cross, and the only bus that serves the area originates at the Anacostia Metro and runs through Hill East (for me, faster to transfer at Gallery Place and go to Anacostia than at Metro Center and ride out to Stadium Armory). The suggested route (from Metro's website, opting to minimize time and walk up to a mile) from the middle of Trinidad is 3 buses, taking about an hour and ten minutes (and that's assuming the buses are running close to schedule). I don't live in 5D (rather, another 5_ that also has their meetings there), but I used to attend my meetings when they were held in a populated area close to main routes (i.e., even if I couldn't walk it (in my case, I could), I *could* take several different buses DIRECTLY to close by and have a safe walk the remaining distance).

As for why no one else runs, (a) some people do. Whether they're poor candidates, don't campaign well, etc., there are at least challengers. And (b), I have it on good authority from someone who served with her for a number of years that she intimidates others who make it known they intend to run/petition/actually run. Given that she has a history of being disruptive at polling places, has been caught on camera stealing other candidate's signs from PRIVATE PROPERTY, and the judgements against her regarding Jimmy V's/Cap City Diner, I'm inclined to believe the accounts of harassment/threatening of other potential candidates I was given.

Anonymous said...

This blog is an awesome example of open government and transparency. Thanks for the sunshine.