Thursday, January 15, 2015

Thrills! Chills! Deception! It's ANC 5D the Movie!

We have something special today via Edward Milton who filmed the ANC 5D meeting and has pledged to film future meetings. This is especially important because ANC 5D Chair Kathy Henderson continues to insist that all ANC 5D meetings be held completely outside ANC 5D boundaries. Kind of not a bad plan...if you want to make it more difficult for constituents to attend meetings.


1. The first portion of the video shows discussion of ANC offer elections. Comm. Kathy Henderson takes nominations, and only once they are closed says that newly elected Commissioner Roberts is ineligible to hold any position as an officer or to vote because he has never been sworn in. Of course, he actually had been sworn into office the day before the ANC meeting. As the other commissioners allude to, he had been out of the country when everyone else was sworn in and had to make a special trip down to the Wilson building upon his return. Below are photos establishing that that actually happened and that what Comm. Henderson is saying is totally false.

You can see that some of the other commissioners cite the rules saying the elections can be held later in January if necessary so that if Roberts had not yet been sworn in, he might have the opportunity to do so prior to officer elections.

2. At 13:05 Comm. Henderson talks briefly about former Chair (back when ANC 5D was part of ANC 5B) William Shelton looting the ANC account and stealing nearly $30,00 (pretty much the whole account).

ANC meetings are important and hopefully this new crop of commissioners has the energy and dedication to change the way things happen in ANC 5D. They will need it to deal with Kathy.


Anonymous said...

I heart Kathy Henderson!

Anonymous said...

Is Henderson the nutty woman who was running amuck last year making all sorts of weird accusations??

inked said...

Hmm...which accusations?

Anonymous said...

Wonder who would win in a crazy-off between Kathy Henderson and Carolyn Steptoe.

Anonymous said...

So why didn't Commissioner Roberts speak up and inform the rest of the ANC that he had been sworn in???

Anonymous said...

This bitch is power trippin. Someone needs to smack her.

inked said...

Actually he did. I didn't realize it was on video. Posting it tonight.

Anonymous said...

At Anon 4:38, he made numerous assertions and had copies of papers signed by CM McDuffie as well as the photo of the actual swearing in. Commissioner Henderson was not having any discussion on the topic and spoke over him, insulted him, and threatened to have the police officer there kick him out. He also had information from the Office of the ANC that he was eligible to be voted into office and to vote. Again, Commissioner Henderson refused all attempts by everyone to calmly discuss the issues. She only wanted to win as chair. Commissioner Roberts gave a nice speech at the beginning of the meting, when he was nominated to be Chair, calling for greater transparency in the ANC. That did not go over well.

RaumFTW said...

She is ridiculous. But why not let her troll there for infinity? She won't win any larger elections, not by a long shot. She represents a downtrodden area that, honestly, kind of gets what they voted for. ANCs are generally pretty powerless positions - the fact that she treats this as some personal fiefdom is doubly laughable. I personally enjoy her antics because they really don't affect me in any way(I am across bladensburg rd).

Anonymous said...

Why are the police acting as her enforcers? Are they afraid of her too? Or is a payoff for her rah, rah comments on the MPD 5th District listserv? They really shouldn't be acting as her bouncer. As crazy as she appears to be, it looks like a good idea that they attend the meeting though.

inked said...

There are a ton of people even in Kathy's SMD that would happy vote for someone else. But KH has high name recognition and that's how many people vote. You need a strong candidate with an organized campaign.

It sounds like you live in Trinidad, so her actions do impact you. Kathy represents approx 2,000 residents. But there are six other commissioners on ANC 5D. So that's a total of 14,000 residents KH is seriously messing with when she acts out like this. She discourages business development along Bladensburg Road, and throughout ANC 5D through her combativeness. Take a look at her history with the Capital City Diner and Jimmy Valentine's Lonely Heart's Club. Recovery in a libel suit can be extremely iffy. KH lost to the tune of $141,592.87. Not exactly small potatoes.

This whole holding the meetings outside of ANC 5D so Kathy can discourage attendance is insane, but she gets away with it. That needs to stop.

Anonymous said...

the only answer is to dissolve the ANCs. folks can join their local civic associations if they want to get involved.

all around the city, we hear stories like this. from ward 3 to ward 8.

get rid of the ANCs and problem solved.

Anonymous said...

"get rid of the ANCs and problem solved."

Hey that's a great idea. And since we had a couple of City Council members who were convicted of crimes, we should probably get rid of the Council too! And don't forget Congress - that doesn't work too well either.

Or... we could keep the ANC's and work to elect quality representatives.

inked said...

A lot of people like to just toss this argument out everytime someone mentions an issue with an ANC. But it's kind of a lazy argument and it ignores the fact that a well functioning ANC can be extremely useful. Civic associations can be useful or abused/abusive too. It's about the representatives and the engaged stakeholders (not just residents).

Doug said...

Wow, talk about an attitude problem. I can't believe she is talking to people that way. What a lunatic.

fatty said...


So she owes $147,000 to Jimmy Valentines? How does that work? I'm assuming she doesn't have that type of $ available. so does she does she make monthly payments?

inked said...

Sort of. I think Mark (of Jimmy V's was also a personal plaintiff. That part you can look up. Don't know payment details, but I think there is a lien against the condo KH owns in Dupont.

Anonymous said...

There are pics on twitter of a confiscation notice on her condo near MLK park in NW. It will be sold at auction to pay the judgement against her (damages and legal fees).

inked said...

Any idea where one might look for such photos?

inked said...

Nevermind. Found it.

Anonymous said...

what is it with DC and our local politics. now barry jr's outburst at the bank. no doubt he'll win his dad's seat despite his 3 indictments. seriously??!!

Anonymous said...

After watching these videos it looks and if KH is power struck. She sounds crazy as heck to say New commissioners have to earn there places to be treasurer, Secretary etc. Anyways they earned it in there votes. Makes me wonder what is KH actually hiding if she wants to continue to do all the bookkeeping. She was very rude and disrespectful to everyone and tried to sound so professional, but came off as rude. The old ANC needs to get out of office anyways because these is why DC can't take change And will not. I say to the ANC leaders don't be afraid of her at ALL. She is hiding something and big ups to the guy that said FOLLOW YOUR OWN RULES.

curmudgeon said...

She's consistently demonstrated that she's stone cold bug fuck nuts for years, and nothing changes. Her SMD keeps re-electing her; and the other SMDs elect reps who make her chair. Some people who could make a difference don't bother to vote. So while it truly sucks for the people in the ANC who care, overall the folks in the ANC are getting what they deserve.

Anonymous said...

@Curmedgeon, and it is the rest of the ANC geographic area that suffers.
This is from the DC Code but has it ever happened while she has been Chair?
(n) Each Commission shall develop an annual fiscal year spending plan budget for the upcoming fiscal year within 60 days of notification of the amount of the Commission's annual allotment. Prior to adoption of the budget at a public meeting, the Commission shall present the budget at a public meeting of the Commission to elicit comments from the residents of the Commission area."

Anonymous said...

And the Commissioners can remove a Commissioner from office:
(2) (A) Removal of any officer shall be undertaken at a special Commission meeting.
(B) A special Commission meeting to remove an officer shall be called if at least one-half of the elected Commissioners request in writing that the Chairperson take such action. After the request is made, the Chairperson shall schedule the meeting to take place within 30 days of receipt of the request.
(C) The Chairperson shall preside over the meeting unless the vote will affect the Chairperson's own position. In that case, the vice-chairperson shall act as the presiding officer.
(D) Provided a quorum is present at the special Commission meeting called pursuant to subparagraph (B) of this paragraph, the vote of a majority of the Commissioners shall remove the officer from his or her office.
(3) Where not otherwise provided, the procedures of the Commission shall be governed by Robert's Rules of Order.

Anonymous said...

And as citizens, we can demand the following (as noted in the DC Code):
(g) Each Commission, including each committee of a Commission, shall be subject to the open meetings provisions of § 1‑207.42(a). No meeting may be closed to the public unless personnel or legal matters are discussed. Without limiting the scope of that section, the following categories of information are specifically made available to the public:
(1) The names, salaries, title, and dates of employment of all employees of the Commission;
(2) Final decisions of the Commission, including concurring and dissenting opinions;
(3) Information of every kind dealing with the receipt or expenditure of public or other funds by the Commission;
(4) All documents not related to personnel and legal matters;
(5) The minutes of all Commission meetings; and
(6) Reports of the District of Columbia Auditor.

Anonymous said...

Link to the DC Code re: ANCs:

Anonymous said...

Kathy Henderson is a power-tripped racist, what else do you expect?

Anonymous said...

These commissioners need to brush up on Robert's Rules of Order because Henderson is completely abusing them.

If four commissioners think the other guy should be chair, they simply need to walk out of any meeting she attempts to chair, denying her a quorum. Problem solved. She only has the power that a majority of the commission gives her.

Anonymous said...

Here's one handy Rule of Order for these commissioners: Appeal the decisions of the chair.

When a presiding officer makes a ruling and a member disagrees, the proper thing to do is to rise and say, "Mr. President, I appeal from the ruling of the chair." If another member seconds the appeal, the procedure is rather simple: The president puts the question to the members, who decide whether to sustain his ruling. But under Robert's Rules, the presiding officer gets to speak first and last in any discussion about the appeal or her decision.

An appeal from the ruling of the chair:

Can interrupt a speaker who has the floor.

Needs to be seconded.

Is debatable unless the immediately pending question is not debatable.

Can't be amended.

Requires a majority vote to overturn the decision of the chair.

Can be reconsidered.


Annoyingmous said...

Hahaha. You think Robert's Rules actually get followed in ANC5D meetings, or have any chance of being followed there *ever*. How naive.

IMGoph said...

Video's been removed. Too bad. But, it seems like this commission is finally getting their ish together and KH's power trip seems not too long for this world.