Monday, February 02, 2015

H Street Merchant Meeting



All H Street Merchants and local Residents are invited to attend this meeting.
February 4
Atlas Theatre 
1333 H Street

 • Introduction of the Merchants- Merchants introduce themselves and the businesses they represent
• Policing the Corridor- A discussion of police tactics and strategies; feedback from merchants- what works and what isn’t working.
• Security Measures- Is there a need for more surveillance cameras on H Street and in the alleys?
• Parking – Loading zones, large trucks on neighborhood streets are shearing off side view mirrors of parked cars, SUV’s etc. Representative from DCDOT
• Seeking Help of the Merchants- To assist the MPD to implement a pilot program of crime prevention through economic development- hiring neighborhood youth for part-time jobs, sponsoring tutoring, contracting with neighborhood youth businesses to perform services for merchants such as window washing, janitorial, landscaping, etc.  Phil Johnson-SSTLLC-Neighborhood Resident
• Merchant Organization -Why it is critical for the merchants to become formally organized- 
Communication with the merchants will be more efficient through and organizational structure rather than on an individual basis.
• Local Neighbors -It is important that the merchants establish an ongoing relationship with the neighborhood and get involved, support certain efforts with youth to help prevent crime.  
As issues manifest themselves there will be a mechanism to address the issues with the MPD or other city agencies as an organization rather than seeking individual solutions. 

All are Welcome to this open discussion, please attend.


Anonymous said...

Wonder what"certain efforts with youth to help prevent crime" is. I doubt that it is the expectation that the "youth" work at a job. I suspect that it involves a handout to an adult.

IMGoph said...

Is this being set up as something outside of H Street Main Street? Are businesspeople unhappy with Saleem's organization?

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure that this is the same group of business owners that's been meeting for several years. This specific meeting was broadcast on the MPD listserv. No flames to fan here Geoff.

IMGoph said...

Thanks, anon. Wasn't trying to fan any flames, was just curious about the nature of this group.

Anonymous said...

This was organized by MPD.

Anonymous said...

Yep. It was organized by the MPD and a Mr. Johnson. The merchants were asked to employ "youth" so that they would not rob them.

Anonymous said...

Who is Phil Johnson? And what is SSTLLC?
Anwar Saleem already gets between $200k and $300k a year from the city through H Street Main Street to clean H St and the Starburst plaza. Can he hire the Kurds? And then there is the Mayor's Summer Jobs Program.
Why do they need another program?

Chris said...

Anon 3:05 not exactly what was said. It was a heartfelt attempt from Mr. Johnson, a resident, to start bringing a more collective structure to all the various merchants and residents along the H st corridor. He definitely said he wants to encourage businesses to employ youths to get them off the street but he didn't mention once that it was to get them to "not rob them".

As a few people voiced during the meeting there are many business that are already doing this. But, that's what this meeting was for. To bring these groups together and get them talking to each other. There is no formal program focused on just H st nor is there any specific list-serv or business community. Mr. Johnson is just trying to 'pool' the efforts. And frankly, it's a lot better than some of the circle-jerking that can happen in the comment section of an online blog (no offense indended to the blog owner)

Anonymous said...

Giving the kids jobs is a good idea and I’ll tell you why. First you hire the kids on H st. Once they get their paycheck they will spend it on H st. That money can then be used to hire even more kids who will then spend that money on H st. This creates a self-sustaining loop of youth employment. Also, the kids will be so busy working or spending money on H st. they will not have time to engage in criminal activity such as theft, property destruction, assault or drug trafficking.