Sunday, February 22, 2015

Streetcar Catches on Fire [UPDATED w/Video]

Here's an awesome video of Saturday night's streetcar fire sent in by Chris Kennedy.

H St streetcar ready for prime time. #hststreetcar #dcstreetcar #dc #streetcar #capitolhill #hstreet

A video posted by Chris Kennedy (@chrisk1122) on

The streetcar caused quite a commotion Saturday night when it suddenly caught on fire. It was a flash fire confined to the very top of the streetcar, and it quickly went out on its own. Some on Twitter compared it to fireworks. The streetcar had a rough 24 hours in that earlier on Saturday it also apparently struck at least one car that was improperly parked.

Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 5.32.26 PM
That's the statement issued by DDOT and tweeted by Mayor Bowser around noon today. More details from the Washington Post. Here's an opinion piece from the Examiner.


Anonymous said...

Conveniently left out of the DDOT press release: the streetcar's fail "safe" mode shut off all the doors, preventing the driver from being able to exit except through a window. good to know in case of a future fire or other incident on the streetcars.

Anonymous said...

Here is a short video of the fire.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know how to report that most of the crosswalk lights are turned away from the crosswalk. Is this some prank the kids are doing? Needless to say they shouldn't be able to do this and the lights have been this way for quite awhile am i the only one who notices this or is it just no one cares?

inked said...

You can fill out individual service requests here.

pat said...

If those kids had been singing "The Roof, the roof is on fire", or Talking Heads Burning down the house...

it would have been amusing.

metro rider said...

this streetcar line is a bad joke. they have been running empty cars for so long that people are already bored with them - so much for excitement about new service.