Monday, March 09, 2015

Reader Offers Reward for Missing iPhone

A reader writes in with a plea for for the return of her missing iPhone that contains photos of sentimental value.

My iphone is missing - it's a 5s, with a black and pink case.  It seems like it's around 6th & M Streets NE according to find my iphone.

I'll give a $25 reward, no questions asked. I'd love to get it back - so many pictures of my kids, etc.



Doug said...

$25 seems low. Even a used 3rd generation iPhone can fetch around $40 on eBay. The 4th gens start at $100, and if it was an iPhone 5 maybe more like $300.

You are then claiming it has data which is of additional value to you yet offering less than market rate for the device.

Anonymous said...

It's true. You could get more for it by turning it in when you buy a new phone. Seems like you don't want it back that bad. (I.e. Don't care about the pics of your kids).