Friday, April 17, 2015

A Reader Seeks to Locate a Stolen Backpack


A reader writes in hoping to recover his backpack that was stolen during a mugging:

I'm a neighbor in Trinidad, and I was attacked and robbed by a group of kids on the 1100 block of Montello Ave at about 11:30 PM this past Wednesday, April 15th. Taken was my wallet, an LG lucid smartphone (black, no case), and a backpack.
My wallet was found on the ground at the corner of Montello and Morse and returned to me. I'm writing in hopes that my backpack might be found as well.
The backpack is small and dark blue with black straps and a green shamrock logo. It contains electric guitar accessories. If anyone in the area notices this bag or my phone in their backyard, bushes, or trash cans, please let me know.
Also, if any neighbors or businesses have security footage from the time of the incident showing the sidewalk on the 1100 block of Montello (east side) or the 1200 block of Florida (north side), where I believe the kids began following me, I'd appreciate if they got in touch since it may help solve the case.

If you have information and want to contact the author, you can email me at elise.bernard[at] with the work Backpack in the subject line.


poo poo said...

ugh. sorry to hear that. i'm puttin' all my good karma out there for you, in hopes of a recovery!

Anonymous said...

that sucks man. you're trying to do your art, and some kids whom will more than likely end up working at McDonald's have to take your stuff using violent means.

i'm hoping you'll bounce back stronger. i'm putting my karma on those unqualifieds.

Anonymous said...

This happened right outside my place and I'm sad to say I didn't hear it. Wish I could have helped! Thinking of you, hope you recover your stuff!

Anonymous said...

What makes children feel it is ok to commit violence on another human being?

Do their parents and families tell them it is justified to take from other because they are oppressed?

I cant understand why groups of children walk the streets of the Hill robbing and attacking every night. The idea to do this must originate somewhere. Are certain children just born feral ?

Anonymous said...

Hope it wasn't a family heirloom backpack.

Tom said...
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Tom said...

This might be too little too late, but unless they pull a gun or knife, you should just ignore when roving packs of adolescents approach you.

I don't want to make this racial, but I am sure you are white, and I am sure the kids were all black. I am also sure you are not from a big city and have not interacted with urban youths too much. 99% of the time, these kids are punking you. MPD calls it "robbery-fear." Basically, they know you are from Iowa or Tennesee, and you moved to the "big city" and they are gonna try to scare you to get your stuff. I am white, but grew up in NYC and know that punks in the 12-15 year range ain't gonna do nothing to you. When they approach you, just tell them to back the fuck up. It works. I was on 12th and K NE a few weeks ago walking my bike back home in that freezing rain storm we had. Two wanna-be thugs tried to get me to give up my bike and I told them to get the fuck out of my face. Just be a man and say it firmly. They are little bitches. They threatened again, and I said "don't play boy" and raised my U-lock as if I was ready to beat their brains into the ground and they both walked off.

The time you DO need to worry and give up the loot is if it is one or two crazy sixteen year olds or older and they flash the burner or the shank and/or have menacing face tatts. Face tatts signify they don't give a mother fuck and will waste you for $5.

Hope this helps for next time

Anonymous said...

Um. Tom. I did not witness the robbery but there was blood all over the sidewalk after the robbery. So not sure your "back the fuck up" advice applies here.

inked said...

I've actually spoken further to the person who was mugged. They had a gun. They pistoled whipped him in the face & caused some pretty serious injury. He wasn't resisting. He's also not new to DC or Trinidad. Sometimes muggers hurt you for fun. This was one of those times.

Annoyingmous said...

"I am sure . . .I am sure . . ."

Tom is sure of lots of things that are incorrect or irrelevant.

inked said...

This a pretty good reminder that none should make assumptions based on facts we have no direct knowledge of.

Anonymous said...

Tom seems to fancy himself wise as an old man and as invincible as a preschool kid all at the same time.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the cops should just shoot them right after they rob a store and resist arrest. Oh wait thats not what we want we want them to be allowed to remain free walking the streets so they can pistol whip the honest working folk

Maybe we should protest and stop traffic to make sure the police never stop criminals ever so they can live long productive lives....can anyone think of a good #hashtag?

Anonymous said...


I feel safe with such a Libertarian Ninja on a bike patrolling the Hill
Maybe if we all ManUp ther would never be crime, because crime only happens to
the weak who need the government to protect them.

Anonymous said...

this neighborhood could use a couple of vigilantes on bikes

Tom said...

To all the naysayers out there; has it been established the victim was not Caucasian? Has it been established that the muggers were not black? Has it been established the victim, while having lived in the neighborhood for a while, is not from the Mid-West. It has not. Inked added in the fact that there was a gun. In my OP, obviously I said if there was a burner (that means gun for all you from the Mid-West), you gotta give up your stuff.

I don't make this stuff up. Our own MPD has created a tag in their text alerts called "Robbery: Fear." That is when your shit is taken and no weapon was produced. The victim just got shook.

I feel terrible about what happened to the victim. But my comment has not yet been proven false so all y'all haters can suck it.

Annoyingmous said...

Jesus, Tom, you got caught drawing bogus conclusions. Own it. It's not that hard.

Anonymous said...

Can i suck it , Tom?