Sunday, April 19, 2015

Do You Know this Gray Striped Cat?

Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 8.34.34 PM
A reader sent in a photo of a grey tabby cat with stripes and a white belly. She has the cat in her garage, but is looking to locate the owner ASAP. The cat has a red collar and was found in the 1300 block of Holbrook in Trinidad. The cat appears well fed and is friendly toward people. Please note that this cat appears from the photo to have its eat tipped. Contact Robin.Jones[at] if you recognize this cat. More photos below.

Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 8.34.47 PM CC_TozUW4AAkfhp


pat said...


inked said...

Unclear, but I'm sure they will check if they can't find the owner quickly.

Anonymous said...

1300 block of Holbrook? From the pictures, that is where that cat lives, and has for at least four years. It is a very Friendly Cat, likes to come up to people for petting and gets fed by at least one porch, but 1300 Holbrook is that cat's Place to Be. It is not lost.

6th & L, NE said...

Any updates? I for one have never seen a community cat with a collar, so would assume that he/she got out as well and - if not lost - not used to being outside. Hopefully her owners have been in touch/trying to.

Anonymous said...

I've seen several "community cats" with collars but no tags in Trinidad. I think some people who feed neighborhood cats put them on so the cats don't get turned in to the Humane Society. Since this one is already ear-tipped, the Humane Society has probably already got her on record as a neighborhood cat. A woman on that block told me to take her home with me if I wanted her, about three years ago. Not sure if she was serious or not, but I already have one cat, which is enough.

djbays said...

While not common, a fair number of community cats wear collars. More typical to see flea collars (which btw don't really work to repel fleas). Some also have microchips, but not this kitty.

She was super unhappy locked in the garage, hiding and shut down. Once let back outside she was relaxed and hanging out. She clearly feels more comfortable outside than inside and knew where she was.