Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Trinidad Neighborhood Gathering & Potluck Brunch 5/3

Trinidad Playground
Photo courtesy of potluck organizers

Trinidad Neighborhood Gathering and Potluck Brunch
Date: Sunday, May 3rd
Time: 10:30am – 12:30pm
Location: (The newly renovated) Playground at Trinidad Recreation Center
 1310 Childress Street (between Trinidad Avenue & Holbrook Street)

Come gather with neighbors, check out the new playground and enjoy some light fare.
Bring bagels, muffins, fruit, juices, and spreads.


Anonymous said...

Lol. Right, bring free food for that neighborhood.

I suppose it's being held so early so a certain "element" that lives in that neighborhood won't show up....because ya know, still in bed from being out at the club all night.

Anonymous said...

Clearly this person doesn't actually LIVE in "that" neighborhood or they'd realize the ignorance of their own comment. There are plenty of people who live in this neighorhood that do NOT represent that "element"!

Anonymous said...

It is being held early because it is a regular event organized by parents with toddlers. They do things early. Usually at Joe Cole but why not enjoy the new space.
And only trolls have to demean everything that happens in Trinidad. Glad you don't live here.