Saturday, May 30, 2015

Lost Bird: Ailah

Just received the following email about a lost bird.  Please be on the look out!

"Our pet bird, Ailah, flew away this morning. Would you be able to post her photo in case any neighbors have seen her? She will fly to a shoulder and will sit on your finger,  she loves orange juice,  sunflower seeds,  spinach, and yogurt. (Any food,  actually.) She doesn't speak but will respond to kissy noises. She will most likely fly to a window or porch rail when she gets hungry and tired.

Her main coloring is a vivid green, with a dark red tail and grey neck.  She also has a band on one ankle.
Attached are some photos.  She's a green cheek conure.

Our contact info is Karen Ross 814-440-8311
Or Mike Ross 202-642-8273."


pat said...

Is she friendly to cats?

Anonymous said...

-I need permits to post flyers for a missing bird
-umm one sec...

Anonymous said...

Saw one just like that. No band on the ankle though. Probably wasn't it