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Sign-Up for the JO Wilson Farm to Family CSA Program

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Image courtesy of the JO Wilson Farm to Family CSA Program 

Interested in a CSA AND want to help a local school? The JO Wilson (660 K Street) Farm to Family CSA Program could be a good fit for you. The food deliveries start May 27th, so you should turn in your form ASAP if this is the CSA for you (they ask for form submission by tomorrow).

This year they also have an option where for $50 you can rent a vertical edible garden tower. You plant it, harvest it, and replant it. They water and maintain it. It holds up to 24 herbs or vegetable plants of your choice. Contact Niraj Ray at nray[at] Full details from the info sheet below:

Do Good and Eat Well!
Join the 2015 JO Wilson Farm to Family CSA Program!
WANT to eat more FRESH fruits and Vegetables?
Interested in HELPING low-income families access fresh PRODUCE at the same time?
Cultivate the City and the JO Wilson School Garden is pleased to offer the Farm to Family Community Supported Agriculture Program to the JO Wilson/ H St./ NOMA Community again in 2015.

Purchase a farm share for $22.50 a week and you will receive a box of freshly harvested, local produce every Wednesday from the JO Wilson School Gardens and nearby farms.
Included in the farm box price is an optional donation to help cover the cost of subsidized boxes for low-income families in the NOMA area.

We are also seeking volunteers to help students run the weekly School Garden Markets. If you are interested in helping, please email Niraj Ray at

How it works:

Dates: May 27th to June 10th and August 26th to Nov 4th (14 weeks)
Pick up times and locations: Farm shares will be available for pickup 3:30-5:30pm on Wednesdays by the main entrance to JO Wilson ES at 660 K St. NE. Shares not picked up will be left in the parent conference room for pick-up until 1 PM on Thursday, after which it will be donated to SOME (So Others Might Eat).

Spots in the Farm to Family Program will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis. To sign-up, fill out and return the attached registration form along with your payment.
Cost: $315 ($22.50 for 14 weeks), to be paid in advance or with payment plan (2 installments). Your $22.50 weekly fee includes:
- $17.50 worth of produce
- $5 voluntary donation to help provide healthy, fresh food to low-income families in the NOMA area.

You can make your payment by cash, credit card or debit card.
For more information, questions or to volunteer please contact:
Niraj Ray
Cultivate the City 516-410-2257


What will come in my farm share each week?
You will get a selection of vegetables that are ripe at the farms that week, as well as at least one fruit item per week. Shares will contain at least $25 worth of produce from the farm stand, and may include some additional goodies depending on our harvest volume.

Is the produce organic?
Our school garden is not certified organic, but we use extremely safe and healthy growing practices, including Integrated Pest Management techniques. When we do need to control pests, we use non-chemical, mechanical and biological solutions, so don’t be worried if you see a ladybug with your produce. They are just helping protect it Some of our partner farms are certified organic, while the others use similar growing practices to our own.

What if I can’t pick up my farm share every Wednesday?
You can send someone to pick up your farm share for you. If your box is not claimed during the pickup time, it will be left in the parent conference room. If your box is not claimed by Thursday at 1 PM, the share will be donated to SOME.

Can I split my farm share with someone else?
Certainly! You are welcome to share you farm box with a co-worker or friend of your choice. You will need to work out your own arrangements regarding sharing payment and pick-up responsibilities. Either one of you can pick up the farm box each week.
However, if you DO NOT have someone to split a box with and would like our assistance with pairing you up with someone, please check the box below the payment selection.

Is a payment plan available?
Yes! Payment may be made in full at time of registration, or you can pay half at time of registration in the Spring, with the remainder due August 26th.

How will my weekly donation be used?
Your $5 weekly donation is completely voluntary, but sponsorships are a core component of the JO Wilson School Garden Program and are vital to its ongoing success. Access to healthy food in the NOMA area is very limited, and diet related diseases such as obesity and Type 2 diabetes are prevalent. Your contributions help to subsidize produce provided by the JO Wilson School Garden and other nearby farms for low-income families living near JO Wilson ES. Your contributions also help to support the JO Wilson After School Garden Club which helps teach students not only how to grow healthy food in an urban environment, but also the importance of a local food economy and how to prepare delicious meals from their school-grown produce.

This year, we are offering a limited number of our vertical growing towers up to be rented by community members between May and November (24 weeks). For only $50, you can plant an entire tower with up to 24 veggies or herbs of your choice. Since all of the towers will be hooked up to a solar power irrigation system and maintained by our garden staff, you only have to come out to harvest your produce and replant! If you rent your tower by our first market day, you will also receive 4 free plants to get you started. Please email or contact Niraj Ray for more information.

JOW CSA Program

Thank you for joining our CSA program! We are happy to provide you with a weekly box of fresh, local produce and we thank you for helping to make the healthy produce available to low-income families in the NOMA neighborhood and supporting the JO Wilson School Garden Program.
NAME___________________________________________________________ EMAIL___________________________________________________ PHONE______________________ How did you hear about the JO Wilson Farm to Family CSA Program?
___ Flyer/Poster ___ Take-Home Folder ___ Word-of-Mouth ___ List-serv ___ Other:

Payment Details: Please select one of the following options:
Farm Share + Sponsorship (Optional sponsorship includes a $5/week donation that helps low- income families in the NOMA area gain affordable access to fruits and vegetables, and supports the JO Wilson School Garden Program)
__ Payment in Full - $315 – Standard Registration
__ Payment by Installment* - $157.50 – Standard Registration (2 payments)
__ Please check here if you would like 1⁄2 a share and want us to match you with someone. Farm Share only (no sponsorship)
__ Payment in Full - $245
Sponsorship Only (Your generous donation is tax-deductible)
__ I would like to make a donation of $__________ to support JO Wilson Farm to Family CSA Program.
Please turn in completed form with payment in the main office to Mrs. Bishop, or Niraj Ray ( by May 21st.

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