Wednesday, June 03, 2015

ANC 5D Meeting 6/9

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 7.07.10 AM
Screenshot of a 1/15 ANC 5D mtg filmed by Edward Milton

The announcement went out just before midnight last night for the next ANC5D meeting. As usual, there is no agenda. There is a promise to update the agenda and send out a copy prior to the meeting. It's my understanding that neither the general public, nor the other Commissioners have necessarily always been granted access to see an agenda prior to arrival at these meetings. The next meeting is Tuesday, June 9th. Below is the full notice circulated by Chair Kathy Henderson:

Location: Fifth District; 1805 Bladensburg Rd NE
Time: 7-8:30 pm

Agenda will be updated and sent prior to the meeting

Kathy Henderson, 5D05
Chairperson, ANC 5D


Anonymous said...

that picture is priceless

Anonymous said...

She posted 4 notices on the Ward 5 list serve but with two different dates. Both June 8th and 9th were listed. I assume it will be the 9th as that is a Tuesday. Cutting it rather close on the required 7 days notice for the meetings, too.

inked said...

I missed that, but you are correct. She posted two notices with the wrong meeting date at 11:48pm and then sent out corrected announcements at 11:54pm and 11:59.

Anonymous said...

Wait, but didn't she berate Secretary Buggs at the May meeting about making that same mistake earlier this year? I wonder if KH has sold any glass houses lately....

Anonymous said...

KH seems like the product of a DC high school education.

inked said...

I'm not sure what that means, but considering the poor spelling in the stupid joke comment you just left on the lost pet bird post I will assume you just mean more literate than yourself.

Anonymous said...

what bird joke? what's wrong about making fun of DC's school system or KH?

inked said...

I'm sure nothing relating to Mark Thorp will make the agenda. And please let's try to steer clear of libel in the comments. KH may roll that way, but I don't.

poo poo said...

whatever happened with that whole condo-repo thing she was involved with? did she manage to get out of that as well? i'm still dumbfounded at how people like her actually win elections. i mean, given the demographics of her constituency, there is a certain logic there - but... don't those folks want "something better" like the rest of the American population?

someone should do a case study on this whole thing before she's gone and forever forgotten, which will likely be sooner than we can imagine.

inked said...

Poo Poo,
She lost the condo. It was sold at auction to satisfy the settlement.