Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Are You Headed to StreetsCamp 6/20?

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StreetCamp is Saturday June 20th and it's only $20 to participate. That price includes breakfast and lunch, and it's free for students. Scholarships are available. StreetsCamp offers a variety of workshops you can attend on topics such as Advocacy 101, Safe Streets for Walking, Zoning 101, and Safe Routes to School.

What is StreetsCamp? Here's a description from the website:

StreetsCamp is a one-day summit in Washington DC to give you, your friends, and your neighbors the tools to make your streets better: safer for walking and bicycling, transit-friendly, and more.
StreetsCamp will include workshops on everything from how to plan a neighborhood campaign, to safe street design for walking and cycling, to the ins and outs of zoning codes. So whether you're looking for technical knowledge or advocacy skills (or both), there's a lot at StreetsCamp for you!

StreetCamp runs from 8:30am-4:30pm. It takes place at Georgetown University School of Continuing Studies - 640 Massachusetts Ave NW. Register online.


Anonymous said...

Hey Inked,

I heard some heresay regarding two guys in May knocking out random people on H. I don't have a date. I just heard it happened on an evening. Anyone else heard about it or did I hear just bar talk?

inked said...

I've not heard anything about that.

pat said...

Sounds like BS.

MPD usually puts out a press release for crimes they are investigating.