Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Escape the Oval Office at the Soft Opening of Escape the Classroom

You may have heard about the new escape room experience headed to H Street. Now's your chance to try it out at Escape the Classroom (1322B H Street). The concept is simple. You head into a room, in this case a recreation of the the Oval Office, and search for clues that will allow your team of 5-10 people to escape from the room within the one hour time limit. Here's the description of the Oval Office game:

You’re the new class of White House Fellows, full of ambition, curiosity and potential…or, so everyone thinks.
What they don’t know is, you’re really a group of covert agents whose mission is to replace missing articles from the original copy of the United States Constitution that is concealed in the Oval Office, and escape without a trace before the President returns. Use your ingenuity and knowledge of American history to lead you to the exit key.

Look for a second room (the classroom in the name) to come online in late July. That one is geared towards kids between the ages of five to eight years old. Here's the description for that one:

A 45-minute escape, designed to challenge children ages 5-8. Finally, the moment you've been waiting all day for! You and your classmates rush to gather your belongings and race to the door. Oh no, there seems to be a problem! THE DOOR IS LOCKED! Janitor Bob left early for the day and your teacher, Mr. Adwaller has misplaced his extra key somewhere in the classroom. Now the class has to retrace his steps to find the missing key before the last school bus leaves in 45 minutes. Will your class make it out in time? *A minimum of two adults must accompany all children's teams.*

Games like this are popular team building exercises, they can be an unconventional way to spend a Friday, or fun for a birthday party. Tickets for each experience are $15 per child and $25 per adult. They will also offer the Clue and Puzzle Party Packages for groups of different sizes. These packages include 45 minutes of live play followed by 75 minutes for celebration.

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