Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Watershed Wednesday is at Bardo Tomorrow


Join the Anacostia Watershed Society for Watershed Wednesday at Bardo (1200 Bladensburg Road) from 6-8pm tomorrow. The topic is birding, and they have two featured speakers:

Dan Rauch, a Wildlife Biologist for the District Department of the Environment, is the region's go-to professional on the newly nesting Bald Eagles in the National Arboretum. Dan has the inside scoop on the eagles, eaglets, and deep knowledge of how birds are closely tied into a healthy Anacostia ecosytem.

Citizen birder, Nick Lund, has witnessed a plethora of amazing birds that call our National Parks home during his time as the Landscape Conservation Program Manager at the National Parks Conservation Association. Learn about his favorite bird viewing spots and just how many rare and hard-to-spot species he's seen in the area.

You can even RSVP!

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Anonymous said...

Go DDOE by far the best agency in the District government! That's District Department of the Environment and Energy!