Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Woofstock at Bardo: Wepwo, Live Music, Food Trucks, Beer, Lots of Dogs

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A DC Tech company founded by two neighbors and based in NoMa is introducing a new smart phone app called wepwo and the launch party is this Saturday at Bardo (1200 Bladensburg Road) from 2-7pm. Wepwo is an app that connects you with a reliable dog walker when you need one. You can track the walks, and they offer seamless key exchange. The Sol Mexican Grill and Dolci Gelati food trucks will be on hand to serve up tacos and gelato. There will be live music throughout the day and, of course, dogs are welcome to join in the fun. Tickets to this event are FREE.


Previous Customer said...

Though this is a great event for local dog owners, I refuse to give any service to Bardo. On multiple occasions, the owners of Bardo have been blatantly racist, cursed at neighbors during the day, and have disrespected the local community. The Bardo owners told us that their dog doesn't like black people and that, for that reason, we shouldn't stay.

inked said...

Is that you Kathy Henderson? Or that your preacher friend who used an alias when she was arrested for assaulting one of Bardo's owners?

Anonymous said...

Racist Dog! Racist Dog! hahaha

I see black people, white people, Asian people, Hispanic people in Bardo every day..
so the "racist dog" only lets in certain black people, but is racist to other black people?
nice try.
keep peddling your Old School Marion Barry "Racist" crap.
"what we need is to get rid of these DIRTY ASIANS (I mean White People), and get some black businesses in there"

its working so well for you now.
trying to get your OTHER house taken away for libel too???

Just Keep on doing what you have been doing.
Its workin sooo well.

Anonymous said...

a preacher did what?

Anonymous said...

I too have had similar issues as previous customer, and no, I am not Kathy Henderson or in any way connected to her. In fact, I too think she is crazy! I was cursed at by the owner after asking him to close his gate so his dog didn't come out and snap at the [african-american] children I was with. He cursed at me multiple times and then told me that "maybe my black kids should come around to teach the dog to like black children". Yea...I really want to like this place and the kickstarter the owner was trying to start but I just can't with the lack of basic human understanding he has.